Introducing Evangeline Kennedy

Evie ready for her first nappy

On this most joyous day I’d like to introduce you to Evangeline Kennedy!

Evie was born at 5:50am on the 31st of October, weighing 2.95kg and measuring 47cm. Mum and bubs are doing fine, and dad and big sister Grace are eager to get to know this little bundle of joy.

If the intra-mum activity is anything to go by then Evie is a ball of energy, so I’ll sure she’ll be ready to take on the world soon enough, but for now it’s time for a good sleep.

It’s been a long a frustrating lead-up, with about three weeks of pre-labour! Jenn coped very well, she’s a brave and tremendously strong woman and we are so lucky to have her in our lives.

So, another girl? Yep I’m well and truly outnumbered now. It’s going to be pink, dancing and gossip for the rest of my life. Oh gawd, and dating boys. Paying for weddings. But I love all my girls and wouldn’t change things at all. (But if you know any techniques for ensuring a boy, let me know)